Jintropin for sale

Jintropin HGH is the most popular HGH brand on the market. It is very popular and every sportsman or professional bodybuilder have heard about Jintropin or tried it. Jintropin is one of the oldest injectable hgh product and it is very popular because of it’s highest quality and relatively low price, comparing to other HGH brands produced by big pharma. Since the start of its production in 1997, it rapidly became № 1 HGH brand because of its benefits.

Jintropin Specifications:

  • Produced by Government – Jintropin is manufactured by a big GMP Chinese company Gene Science (GenSci) since 1997. Chinese state possesses 50% of GeneSci and controls the quality of Jintopin HGH.
  • GMP FDA Standard – Jintopin is manufactured under GMP FDA standards, which guarantees its quality and safety. This type of certification is the most trusted drug mark of quality. Jintropin has the same quality or even better as , Norditropin, Seizen, Genotropin and other USA and EU brands.
  • High purity – 99% – Jintropin HGH is manufactured on modern facilities, which allow to reduce bacterial residues and obtain high-purity human growth hormone, which is identical to human pituitary HGH.
  • Reputation – Jintropin HGH has deserved an excellent reputation among many users. It is used by famous people and celebrities like Madonna, Silvester Stallone and many other sportsmen and bodybuilders.
  • Strong security system – Jintropin has a sticker with unique fibers and codes, which can be checked on the official (GenSci) website and are impossible to forge.

History of Jintropin

Jintropin Gensci Factory
Jintropin Gensci Factory

Jintropin HGH has a long history, it starts all in 1996, when a doctor called Lei Jin founded Gene Science (GenSci) and started the production of HGH. The first Jintropin product appears on the market in 1997. During the next 10 years the human growth hormone was getting more and more popular and it became the most popular hgh drug among sportsmen and celebrities all round the world.

In 2006 and 2007 several scandals related with Jintropin took place – arrest of Sylvester Stallone with several bottles of Jintropin when he was traveling to Australia, and with other sportsmen who confessed in usage of Jintropin HGH.

In 2007 USA incriminated Lei Jin for organizing the import of Jintropin into USA and demanded Lei Jin extradition to the United States. China didn’t satisfy the demand, however, just before the Olympic Games in 2008 the production of Jintropin and all other doping drugs were stopped for 3 years until 2011.

The production of Jintropin renewed in 2011, but the distribution of the products has been changed. Now, the only official distributor of Jintropin is Europharm, a UK registered company, that buy the whole range of Jintropin versions and then sell it to smaller pharmaceutical companies and local pharmacies. At the moment Jintropin is certified and distributed for sale in 7 countries.

Why is it difficult to buy real Jintropin HGH online?

Fake Jintropin
Fake Jintropin

Many users complains that it is hard to find genuine Jintropin for sale. It is true, because there are many fake versions of Jintropin on the internet. You can see a fake Jintropin kit on the picture at right – it is a green and white kit with Chinese hieroglyphs. GenSci China are not producing this kind of package. You can get in touch with them and they will confirm it. So, if you are offered to buy Jintropin like on this picture, don’t do that, because you will get a counterfeit product for sure. We can assure you that you won’t be able to verify it on the official website and the result will be Fake Jintropin.

Genuine Legit Jintropin
Genuine Legit Jintropin

Where to buy Legit Genuine Jintropin?

The only one genuine legit Jintropin can be found on our partner’s webstore which is with Russian letters (see the picture at right). It is bought from Europharm directly which is an official distributor of GenSci products since 2011.

How to identify Real or Fake Jintropin?

Legit Jintropin (White lyophilized powder) comes in 4IU (1,33 mg) and 10IU (3,33 mg) vials. 4IU has green cap and green ribbon on the kit and 10IU vial has orange cap and orange ribbon.
It is supplied in 4 types:

  • 5 vials with lyophilized powder (5 ampoules with water for injection, 5 syringes)
  • 10 vials with lyophilized powder (10 ampoules with water for injection)
  • 20 vials with lyophilized powder (without ampoules)
  • 50 vials with lyophilized powder (50 ampoules with water for injection)

Security sticker – Each kit of Legit Jintropin has a unique sticker with unique code and fibers on it, which you can check on the official GenSci website. When you type the code there, you will see the page with information whether your kit is legit and image of fibers you can compare with yours.

Jintropin Verification Code
Jintropin Verification Code
Jintropin Fibers
Jintropin Fibers